Breathe Recordings are a company that professionally record and mix a range of live performances and location recordings including choirs, orchestras, bands, school events and business conferences.

We travel to various locations throughout East Anglia providing professional recordings  outside of a studio environment making the opportunity to record far more accessible for everyone.

These can include a recording of a live performance to an audience, or can be a location recording in a venue of your choosing such as a church or even your garage!

The service will include:

  • The recording time
  • The post production mixing and mastering time
  • A mastered wav. file able for upload

Previous experience includes work with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Galaxy Big Band and the St.Edmundsbury Male voice Choir.


07/09/2016-University of Suffolk Fresher’s Concert at Conservatoire East


21/11/2016-Young Composers Network Concert for Cambridge Music Festival at Jesus College Chapel Cambridge


21-23/02/2017-Benjamin Mason – This Old Rusted Boat EP in a studio environment. https://www.facebook.com/BenjaminMasonAcoustic/?fref=ts


21/07/2017-DJ Trixi(e) – A spoken word debut album in a studio environment heard here:


12/02/2018-Jay Richardson Composer Organ Recording at Pembroke College Chapel, Cambridge.   https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/6UrK44UfDEaCT6iVr0NLI5

An article about the recording:



11/11/2018 – Duck Lips – Promotional Single ‘Celebrity”: https://soundcloud.com/user-813274251/celebrity-1


Pricing Packages

  • Bronze£150
    • A half-day recording (09-13), multi-mic set-up, controlled setting (e.g. a church) and a basic mix and master of the recording to be received as a WAV file
  • Silver – £240
    • A full-day recording (09-18), multi-mic set-up, controlled setting (e.g. a church) and a mix and master of the recording to be received as a WAV file
  • Gold£560
    • Two and a half days of recording, multi-mic set-up, controlled setting and a mix and master of the recording to be received as a WAV file
  • Live concert package (for concerts lasting up to 2 hours) – £150 or £20 p/h
    • A recording of a live concert with a multi-mic set-up with a mix and master of the concert delivered as a WAV file
  • Corporate recording package £150 for one day of recording or £18 p/h
    • A recording of a conference including a one camera video with post-production clean up


Please feel free to contact us using this contact form about any project you would like professionally recorded and we will respond as soon as possible.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Aidan Kitchen over a few different projects. Recently Aidan recorded the entirety of my spoken word collection released under the name ‘DJ Trixie’ and also helped me record music for my band Duck Lips. I have always asked Aidan for help and advice on these projects and others, I plan to continue to do this even more in the near future. I am planning to record and release another spoken word collection, an EP with my band and a Jazz covers collection for a function act I am part of. For all of these I will ask Aidan to be the recording and mixing engineer.” – Tristan Rolfe


“Aidan is an absolute delight to work with!  He is flawlessly well-prepared and switched on, but even beyond that, he is a musician and communicates on a musical level as well as a technical level.  I recommend him to everyone who needs a recording engineer.” – Jay Richardson