“I have had the pleasure of working with Aidan Kitchen over a few different projects. Recently Aidan recorded the entirety of my spoken word collection released under the name ‘DJ Trixie’ and also helped me record music for my band Duck Lips. I have always asked Aidan for help and advice on these projects and others, I plan to continue to do this even more in the near future. I am planning to record and release another spoken word collection, an EP with my band and a Jazz covers collection for a function act I am part of. For all of these I will ask Aidan to be the recording and mixing engineer.” – Tristan Rolfe


“Aidan is an absolute delight to work with!  He is flawlessly well-prepared and switched on, but even beyond that, he is a musician and communicates on a musical level as well as a technical level.  I recommend him to everyone who needs a recording engineer.” – Jay Richardson